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In 2021

Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co,LTD will takethe global strategy as the core, with brand strategy,refined marketing strategy, technology innovationstrategy, talent strategy and information strategy asthe supportset sail!

In 2017

Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co.,LTD isadvancing in the field of outdoor lighting andstruggling in the wider world.

In 2016

Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co.,LTD purchaseda new factory with area of 5,538 square meters and a totalconstruction area of 10,129 square meters. At the same time,ES will upgrade its R&D equipment and aging equipment toimprove the product compatibility and innovation steadilyThe quality and credibility of the products have beenconsolidated and strengthened, and product quality controlhas been improved.

In 2013

Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co,LTD developeda control system with a direct development company"Lynxus"which consists of Chinese and American shareholders.Combining the product advantages of both countries inresearch and production which opens a new era. The UScompany is called "Magtech", which integrates developmentand sales.

In 2008

Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co.,LTD entered theChinese market with international quality standards andwon unanimous praise in the domestic market.

In 2006

Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co.,LTD establishedthe base area of 1700 square meters in China. lt hasintroduced high-quality tin furnace hot melt machine,electrical testing equipment and other equipment productionlines, which laid a solid foundation for the company's latersuperimposed sustainable development road. And the firstto obtain the US UL certification of products in this field,ESapplied for a comprehensive CE certification and SAAcertification, successfully opened the international market.comprehensively enhancing brand awareness.

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