ES Power Launches NEW 28F series Constant Current LED Driver with AC Phase-Cut Dimming


ES Power, a leading manufacturer of various LED Driver Power Supply since 2005, announces the 28F series constant current LED driver which has the AC phase-cut dimming feature and work with leading (TRIAC) and trailing (ELV) edge dimmers. The rated power output is 15W, and outputs are available in 8-15V 1000mA, 13-22V 700mA,  18-30V 500mA, 26-43V 350mA and 30-54V 280mA models. At full load these drivers provide the outstanding power factor correction which greater than 0.9 at 120VAC. The power efficiency is up to 83%


The 28F series support AC input voltage is 120VAC.  It was include the protection functions of over current protection (OCP), short circuit protection (SCP), over temperature protection (OTP) and over voltage protection (OVP). These features protect the LED driver and lighting fixture to prevent the product’s damage and ensure the reliability.


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ES Launches 51 Series LED Constant Current LED Driver which focus on the 36V CoB market

The 51 series supports universal AC input between 90 and 264Vac, it comes in an IP66 rated dust and waterproof enclosure suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. It includes protections of over voltage (OVP) and short circuiting (SCP) to prevent the product’s damage and ensure the quality. Its power efficiency is up to 84%~86%. The 51 series is compliant with CE certificate by LED driver product segment, and fully complies with ErP (EU) 2019/2020 regulations to reduce the product’s impact on the environment to improve sustainability.