Enterprise culture

Believe the power of gratitude
     The mountain is towering ,for being grateful to the earth; the sea is broad and vast,for being grateful to the river;The sky is magnificent for being grateful to the bird ; The development of the enterprise is inseparable from the opportunities of the times, the trust of customers, the support of partners, and the contributions of employees.Es always have the grateful heart and strives to share achievement of development with each peer. 
Persevere, make the ordinary extraordinary
     Persevere and make the ordinary great. The most precious spirit is to do only one thing in lifetime and to do it to the extreme. All the new Es stuff will never stop on the road of pursuing the ultimate, which is the only way to go from ordinary to extraordinary.
Gather strength with warmth
     Learn to listen to other people's words, rather than comment arbitrarily; learn to judge other people's comments objectively, rather than bias and abhor; learn to discover others’ merits, rather than magnify the shortcomings; learn to treat other people's defects peaceful ,rather than sarcasm; ES stuff help each other and share weal and woe.
Advocating implemented innovations
     Innovation is not only a slogan, but also a concrete and actionable  plan . It is innovative around market demand, encouraging different opinions and tolerance.
1. Start from trivial. Cultivate good habits of thinking, find ways to improve in the details, and create new and better solutions.
2. Start from side. Begin being familiar with business, think and discover new things, and improve your insight.
3. Be good at picking faults, thinking about the motivations of things, starting with the end, taking results as a guide, finding problems, and proposing solutions.
4. Seek different ideas. Accept different opinions, and standing on the other side to understand the problem can make us solve the problem more comprehensively.
5. Reverse thinking.When the problem encounters bottlenecks or difficulties and learn reverse thinking, you will see a lot of you have not seen , finding a different answer.
6. Collaborative innovation.Be good at cooperating with others, use brainstorming and other means to share ideas, discuss and find the best solution.