Company development

         In 2004, Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co.,LTD was formally established. The company mainly engages in electronic processing business. With high quality and cost-effective products, it has won the trust of overseas customers and obtained a large number of foreign trade orders.


         In 2005, Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co.,LTD entered the field of lighting power supply, and used a large amount of funds for the industry's senior R&D team to explore, the electronic and electrical business development, and high-quality team resources, so that Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co.,LTD entered a period of rapid development.


         In 2006, Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co.,LTD established the base area of 1,700 square meters in China. It has introduced high-quality tin furnace, hot melt machine, electrical testing equipment and other equipment production lines, which laid a solid foundation for the company's later superimposed sustainable development road. And the first to obtain the US UL certification of products in this field,ES applied for a comprehensive CE certification and SAA certification, successfully opened the international market, comprehensively enhancing brand awareness.
        In 2008, Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co.,LTD entered the Chinese market with international quality standards and won unanimous praise in the domestic market.
        In 2013, Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co.,LTD developed a control system with a direct development company“Lynxus”, which consists of Chinese and American shareholders. Combining the product advantages of both countries in research and production which opens  a new era. The US company is called "Magtech", which integrates development and sales.
        In 2016, Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co.,LTD purchased a new factory with area of 5,538 square meters and a total construction area of 10,129 square meters. At the same time, ES will upgrade its R&D equipment and aging equipment to improve the product compatibility and innovation steadily . The quality and credibility of the products have been consolidated and strengthened, and product quality control has been improved.
        In 2017, Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co.,LTD is advancing in the field of outdoor lighting and struggling in the wider world.


Future: Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co.,LTD will take the global strategy as the core, with brand strategy,
refined marketing strategy, technology innovation strategy, talent strategy and information strategy as the support,
set sail!


Brand background
      The growth of a company will always experience ups and downs,Dongguan Ever SHINING OPTOTECH Co.,LTD was founded in 2004,after four years of foreign trade boom period (2004-2008), two years of financial crisis in the dark period (2008-2009), one year of business trough (2012), five years of struggle and endeavor (2012-2017).
     During the period, we constantly adjusted our market strategy and product focus, in order to survive and seek breakthroughs for higher development. Fortunately, we have never wavered in these areas: focus on the industry, continuous investment in R&D, demand the better product quality, and efficient and high-quality service to our customers. What is more valuable is that the loyal support of customers and partners, and the unremitting efforts of employees and friends have given us inexhaustible energy for adversity and prosperity.
    In 2017, we will set sail again in the future, and enter the field of outdoor lighting, and work together with all our peers to expand in the wider world. We will firmly carry out our mission, grateful and striving, provide high-quality supporting products and services for global users, create greater value for customers and partners, and provide a broader platform for employees to grow in all aspects.